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Similar to Zoom teeth whitening treatment, Britesmile® Teeth procedures are known for their gentleness and ease of access. Also, the BriteSmile® teeth whitening system can significantly improve the appearance of dulled or otherwise discolored teeth in a single office visit.

The BriteSmile® whitening procedure uses a combination of a 15 percent or 25 percent hydrogen peroxide gel and a specially designed lamp that accelerates the process. The gels are pH balanced, compatible with tooth enamel and specifically formulated to respond to the blue wavelength of the activation lamp.

They also contain glycerin and water to help prevent tooth dehydration. The light, which is safe for tooth enamel, skin, gums and other soft tissue, is shaped to illuminate and whiten all upper and lower teeth in the smile line at the same time. If you are worried about your teeth sensitivity, we can adjust the product’s concentration to make you more comfortable.\

The BriteSmile® Whitening Process

  • Before undergoing the BriteSmile® whitening procedure, your dentist will perform a routine dental cleaning before applying the appropriate concentration of whitening gel to your teeth.
  • First, the gum line is protected with an application of vitamin E. Then, the BriteSmile® blue light will then be positioned over the teeth and illuminated to activate the gel throughout the oxidation process. During this time, you can watch TV, listen to music or nap. Generally, the gels are applied to the teeth for three 20-minute intervals.

While BriteSmile®  whitening treatments have been proven to be effective, they are meant to accompany a good oral hygiene regime. Good oral hygiene  not only helps you get naturally whiter teeth over  time, but it also maintains the results of your teeth whitening treatment and prevents stains from developing or darkening.

With BriteSmile® whitening you can have a brighter smile and feel more confident about your appearance. Contact Dental Care at Village Walk at 984-600-0130 to schedule an appointment.

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